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International English

The English language has become the language by which many countries communicate for international purposes in trade, technology, education and many other areas. It is also the language used within the borders of many countries to bridge the language divide among the variety of dialects and ethnicities in their country.

Our approach to teaching English is to personalize lessons so that they are relevant to your professional or personal needs. The goal is to facilitate independent learning through resources and techniques used in our tutoring program so that you become more self-reliant and confident in your ability to effectively communicate in English. This is accomplished as you establish consistent and daily routines of practicing English which you will continue through discipline and focus after you have finished our tutoring program.

Key areas of focus in our tutoring programs:
  • Integrating habits to practice English every day at home, work or play
  • Becoming more self-reliant and confident with your English skills
  • Improving listening skills to hear the intonation and rhythm of American English
  • Improving pronunciation skills through muscle strengthening exercises
  • Understanding the American culture to effectively communicate ideas
  • Enjoying the process of life-long learning