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Serving Your English Language Needs

Too often, lack of English proficiency is a barrier to employment and educational opportunities for non-native speakers.
I am here to help you overcome that barrier.  

Types of Services offered:  
  • English pronunciation improvement
  • Business English skills development
  • English conversation skills development
  • Preparation for job interviews
  • Practicing for presentations
  • Other English language services as needed
All services are provided online for a basic $30 per hour rate (2-hour minimum with multi-session discounts available).
About Me:
As an experienced credentialed ESL teacher, my approach to teaching English is to personalize lessons so that they are relevant to your specific professional or personal needs.
My goal is to facilitate independent learning so that you become more self-reliant and confident in your ability to effectively communicate in English.
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Here is what my students are saying:

"Anna is one of the best English teachers I have ever had. She understands and focuses on her students' needs. She used different techniques to help us learn the correct way to pronounce words in English. I highly recommend her!" - Estela

"I studied English with her a few years ago, and she was big help for me to study Speech 99 course at college. She helped me for essay and final exam, and I got Grade A for the course. Because she has a very wonderful and kind personality, we became good friends. She is one of the most wonderful persons that I've met in my life." - Ji Young

"When I met Anna, I desperately wanted to improve my English skills because I needed to speak English every day on my job. I was discouraged when my coworkers and clients didnít understand what I said and was very embarrassed when I had to spell the words to make them understand. Anna suggested me different types of program to improve my pronunciation. It worked great! I learned how to move muscles around and inside of my mouth and understood what movement could make the right sound. After several sessions with Anna, I made rapid progress and stopped to spell the words to native speakers. Now I am more confident when I speak in English. Thank you, Anna!"- Soyoung

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