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Learn a new hobby and practice English at the same time!

February 19th, 2015

Would you like to learn a fun, new hobby? And while learning this new hobby, would you also like to meet new friends and practice your English skills (listening, reading, writing, and speaking). Does this all sound too good to be true?

Well it really is quite simple. This fun and special way to practice English is to enroll at your local Adult School in a class you enjoy. Adult classes are the “hidden jewels” in our communities, not only are they conveniently located within your neighborhood, but the majority of the classes are free of charge or require a very small fee.

Let’s take a closer look at these hidden jewels in “your own backyard.” Now, you may already know that adult schools offer academic classes for students studying for a high school diploma or a GED diploma, and ESL classes for students needing to learn English. However, did you know that adult schools also offer lots of other fun, exciting classes where you can learn a new hobby or a new skill? Depending on what your local adult school offers, classes can include: Arts and Crafts (art appreciation, painting, ceramic, floral design, cake decorating, sewing, etc.); Music (piano, choir singing, music appreciation, voice class, and more); Physical Fitness (walking, Tai Chi, ballroom dancing, and more); Computer (digital photos, web site design, programming, and more); Foods and Nutrition (bread making, ethnic foods, menu planning), and more. Classes may be offered mornings, afternoons, evenings, and weekends, too! There’s a lot of flexibility to work out a schedule that is convenient for you.

What a great way to practice all of your English skills and have fun at the same time. You can interact with native and non-native speaking students, and make new friends. With English as the “common ground,” you’ll challenge yourself to be more adventurous and meet people from different backgrounds. By taking a class and learning something you really enjoy, you’ll be surprised at how much faster and easier you will master the English language.

For more information on these classes, pick up a free copy of a class catalog at your local adult school or local library. Enroll in a class soon and get started on mastering your English skills and feeling more confident about yourself.   Happy learning!

Idiom – “a slap on the wrist”

February 6th, 2015

This refers to a warning or mild punishment that is not severe.

Father “I am grounding our son for a week because he went to a party again without our permission.”
Mother – “That punishment is just a slap on the wrist. He needs to be grounded for two weeks, no cell phone use and no allowance.”

Idiom – “at each other’s throats”

February 6th, 2015

This idiom is used to describe a strong verbal disagreement between two people.

Father – “I can hear those two girls arguing from across the street.”

Mother“Your daughters have been at each at each other’s throats all morning, arguing about whose turn it is to clean the bathroom.”