Online Audio Stories to Help with Pronunciation, Spelling and Vocabulary

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English is not a phonetic language which means that the way a word is pronounced is often different than how it is written.  A perfect example is the word “phonetic.”  Writing it out using phonetic symbols the word is spelled:  fə-nĕtʹ ĭk.

Alas, it is understandable why my students are frustrated and perplexed as to the many rules and exceptions that dictate spelling and pronunciation of the English language.  One way to get around memorizing numerous spelling and pronunciation rules (and realistically it’s too difficult to memorize them all) is to use audio books with text to help you learn English pronunciation.

There are many, many audio stories available with subtitles on or other websites, that are at varying levels of difficulty.  With this technology, you read the text while listening to the correct pronunciation of words as the narrator reads the story.  There are lots of subject matters, so select a topic that is most interesting for you to stimulate your curiosity.  Reading in this manner is a fun way to learn not only how to pronounce and spell new words, but it’s also an excellent way to learn new vocabulary.

Another source for audio books is your local library.  If my students are needing extra help with their pronunciation challenges, I also suggest that they check out audio books from the children’s section.  The books are read at a slower pace which helps new learners with listening skills.

Enjoy your reading adventures!

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